Posted by: Betsy Devany | August 13, 2009

Synopsis Struggles and The Snickle Search

5:05- I help our postmaster lock the door while someone else is putting the postmark on my envelope.  Ava is beaming with hopes of getting a lollipop.

I hope my headache will disappear as soon as the submission is out of my hands. 

I unwrap the lollipop, wave a thank-you, and head to the library in pursuit of the books:  How to Survive the Dreaded Synopsis Process and Don’t Flee from your Fears: Just write the Darn Thing.

At the library, Ava works on puzzles and then goes off in search of the book, Snickle and the Pickle.  It’s about a dragon and I’ve only started to write it.  She loves the title–as well as dragons–as long as they aren’t scary and are friends with the pegasus. The fact that I haven’t finished writing the story or gotten it published is beyond her understanding.

I search the computer for the Self-Help Synopsis Survival Guide.


I glance at Ava,who is happily pulling every picture book off the shelf. Piles are now scattered on the floor.  I hope the children’s librarian has left for the day. While I put the books back, Ava stares at me with a bewildered where’s-the-snickle-book look.  “Grandma, he not here,” says Ava. She continues to bemoan Snickle, while handing me books to shelve.  “Wait . . . Grandma, I have a great idea! You will love it!”

I hope her great idea involves a painless method of writing a synopsis. 

“We can go to Dunkin Donuts. Maybe Snickle is there,” she says, beaming. 

 If I can’t find the books I need, how am I going to pull Snickle out of the air? And–“Ava, Snickle loves to eat pickles, not donuts.”

I watch Ava’s face.  Her smile fades. She is obviously thinking about her next response. “Grandma, Uni loves donuts. Uh-huh! Her really loves them . . . and Grandma . . . you love coffee!”

Okay, so where is the logic between Uni and the donuts and Snickle and the pickles? And the fact that Uni (Ava’a beloved giant pink unicorn) is home playing Monopoly with Norman.

But then a caramel latte comes to mind.  And really, who needs logic when coffee is involved. “That’s sounds great, Ava!”

So off we go, in pursuit of chocolate donuts with rainbow sprinkles and a lime colored dragon with orange wings who happens to love eating pickles.

Perhaps, we may see him at Dunkin Donuts. You never know.

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