Posted by: Betsy Devany | January 20, 2010

My Writing Room Treasures

What inspires me in my writing space?
1. My books – organized by topics and age groups. Picture books are on the bottom so my granddaughter can reach them easily. Once a month we change the theme on top of the bookcases.
2. My Steiff collection – many are from my childhood. The smallest bears are worn at the tips of their paws, and I love them more because of this.
3. Gifts from my daughters which symbolize their belief in my writing: angels, magnets which remind me to never give up; to listen to my inward voice.
4. Photos of my family.
5.The Critters mug with a shield of my on-line novel critique group. All six of us remain dedicated to writing, to being honest about our work, and to supporting each other outside of the writing world. Thank you, Marie, Kathryn, Faith, Susan, and Paula- my dear Critter family. Kathyrn Hulick designed the shield for us. Marie Tobin surprised us with Critter mugs this Christmas.
6. The angel which appears in my novel, Momma’s Eyes. I happened upon her in Martha’s Vineyard (after the first draft was written) where a song called Savannah was playing in the store. Savannah is my heroine in this particular novel and she had shown me this angel in my dreams. But never did I think I would actually find the angel.
7. Elephant and his tree – A statue I found in a small shop in Athens, Greece. He had to come home with me as I have always been drawn to elephants. One of my favorite picture books is Elephant Moon by Bijou Le Tord.
8. Rocks and sand from places I have been to. Savannah’s spirit was with me when I chose the rocks.
9. Artwork by artists I have met at craft shows.
My desk and computer are in front of my windows so I can look out and see the trees. My writing couch is most always occupied by Norman, the gorilla, Merlin, our sheltie, and our two cats, Joey and Terrapin. 
What inspires you in your writing space?


  1. What a great room.

    Coffee, chocolate, music and the buzz of energy at Starbucks are the things that help get into my creative zone.

    • Well, I guess I did leave out the photo of my desk with a coffee cup, and I just finished the delicious dark chocolate that Marie had sent.

  2. I am inspired by those who touch me and the things that remind me of them, the transistion from suburban girl to farm woman, my family, and most of all my writer’s group.

    I am also inspired by blogs like yours.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you, Julia, for your kind words. Happy writing! Betsy

  3. I have a wooden box full of smooth rocks I’ve collected around the world, photos of my family, paintings, and lots of pens. Nice pens always inspire me to write/draw 🙂

  4. Sounds peaceful.
    Thanks for sharing, Kathryn!

  5. Betsy, I love your room, especially the critter’s mug. My room is very cluttered, full of notebooks, books that inspired me, writing books, pictures of fairies, a drawing of my dreams and until our retreat, the critters shield. Oh, and I have rocks and bottles of sand also–must be a theme with us critters…

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