Posted by: Betsy Devany | July 27, 2014

A Writer’s Distractions

DSC01067When I struggle with putting words

to the page,

I step outside,

breathe in fresh air,

then search

for tiny miracles.

In truth, distractions

of the extraordinary.



Yet, tiny miracles always bring me back

to the place I’m avoiding.


Bug in Daylily3I, too, want to silently dive deep,

explore a daylily (or an untold story)


except for the curious human

with her camera,

avoiding her writing.



But isn’t that where magic happens?

Where the best of stories

are born?

Even if fear both propels us forward

and holds us back?


DSC01261And then I find myself in awe of tadpoles,

having ventured for too long

and too far from the house,

on this path of distraction.

Tadpoles, which have never much interested me,

but now do.

Which invites a flood of questions,

questions about my characters,

and this story I am compelled to write.


DSC01328So I leave my critical self outside

so she can enjoy

what the world has to offer.

Perhaps, she will find solace

in the company of a frog.



DSC05657Or take the time to wonder

at how beautiful

a gorilla’s feet are,

while I slip away unnoticed

before she follows me.














  1. I have satisfied my need for distraction by reading these lovely words and admiring these gorgeous photos, and now I am getting back to work. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Kristin!
    Now get back to work, and I mean the “writing kind of work.”
    I will do the same.

  3. As I finally opened my laptop having put it off as much as possible today – to spend time with my grandsons and to fend off the work that needs done – I see in my ‘inbox’ this beautiful passage. Thank you Betsy!

    • Thank you, Kim!
      I hope you enjoyed your grandsons.

  4. Your photos are amazing, Betsy, and often times, it’s those distractions which feed our stories 😀

    • Yes, indeed, Donna!
      There have been many distractions that have fed my stories in the very best way.

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