About Betsy

Giving Meow a free ride

Giving Meow a free ride

Betsy wearing her hat for inspiration

Betsy wearing her hat for inspiration










As a children’s writer, I love words and the wonders of childhood. I adore animals and marvel at the beauty in elders. I find joy in reading, music, gardening, photography, and spending time laughing with and loving my family.

While my schedule allows at least two hours of writing each morning, sometimes I’ll look up at the clock and see that five hours have passed and that I am still in my pajamas.  And oh, how wonderful that feels.

My blog reflects how I see the world.  I hope you enjoy reading about my inspirations, many of which come from the toy store where I work, my interactions with my grandchildren, and whatever speaks to my heart.

I am thrilled to be represented by Susan Hawk with The Bent Agency.

Betsy with her sisters

Norman and Betsy reading at the library - 8/09

Live in the moment.
Listen to the whispers of your characters.
Let them breathe on their own.
Linger in their world.
Love them.
Laugh with them.
Let them go. 
In moments where my characters pour down in a rainstorm of ideas, I stop and breathe. Then I reach for the raindrops in the light.
“Be more than whisper.  The world needs your words.”
Lanie’s words of wisdom to Betsy. 2/09


  1. Congratulations on the award from SCBWI! I hope you find time to look at my blog, agsawan.wordpress.com. As a fellow writer I would love your input. Anne

    • Thanks, Anne! I will check out your blog. Happy writing! Betsy

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